Joe Gersh

Executive Chairman of Gersh Investment Partners Limited

Joe Gersh Wikipedia Page

Just realised I have a Wikipedia article about me now. Go check it out:


Gersh Investment Partners Strategic Alliance with Supalai Public Company Limited

Quick summary:

Gersh Investment Partners Limited has entered into a $1.1billion strategic alliance Supalai Public Company Limited.

Read our latest release here:

Vizify Profile

Found this really cool site that outlines your social profile in a visually. Really cool stuff. Check it out


Yesterday I set up a personal Slideshare account. It is a brilliant place to share presentations that you, or others have made. There are also thousands of brilliant presentations already live. Make sure you check it out!  View my profile: Joe Gersh on Slideshare

Joe Gersh on Linkedin

Check out my Linkedin page! Let me know what you think and connect with me.

Launch of New Wesbite

Gersh Investment Partners has recently had a website upgrade. The new site is live at and is looking tops already. Get on there, have a look around and let me know what you think.

Have a read about our company philosophy, partners, risk management, meet the people behind the business or read about our background.

Mention in THE AGE

Today I got a mention in The Age Newspaper in regards to the board of the Sydney Institute. Read the article below:

Joe Gersh in The Age.

Joe Gersh to Invest $100m in Housing Market

Read the story in the Australian about my investments in the Melboure housing markets.

My Piece on the ARPC

My Piece on the ARPC

I recently wrote an opinion piece about the Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation (ARPC)